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Comprehensive Porsche repair and Porsche service in Ann Arbor MI area by technicians with extensive Porsche experience. Outstanding customer service, state-of-the-art equipment, and specialized Porsche technicians with extensive training.

Stadium Auto Service is an ASE-certified and Bosch-approved German vehicle repair service shop in Ann Arbor MI. Our Porsche technicians use the latest auto service equipment and invest large amounts of time on training so that we can deliver high-quality Porsche service and repair. From Porsche oil change service to major Porsche engine repair, you can rely on our Porsche specialists to get the job done right.

We are dedicated to offering the best Porsche service in the Ann Arbor area. Check out our customer feedback and reviews. They tell the story of our commitment to customer service and quality Porsche service & repair.

If your Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Macan, Porsche Taycan, Porsche Cayman Boxster 982, Porsche 911, Porsche Panamera, or any other model needs expert care we are your Ann Arbor Porsche dealership alternative. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Porsche Services

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Porsche Maintenance Recommendations

The following are typical Porsche maintenance services. Some are annual services; some are based on time or mileage intervals. Scheduled maintenance services can be adjusted based on inspections performed during an oil change service.

  • Annual in-depth Vehicle Inspection
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Clean throttle body
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Replace cabin pollen filter
  • Replace cabin pre-filter element
  • Replace differential final drive oil
  • Replace drive belt
  • Replace engine air intake filters
  • Replace engine coolant
  • Replace PDK transmission fluid & filter
  • Replace spark plugs

There are other services specific to your Porsche model. Please contact us for details and refer to your Porsche Maintenance Guide.

Our Porsche repair service shop is located in Ann Arbor, MI, but we also serve Porsche owners in Dexter, MI; Pittsfield, MI; Saline, MI; and Ypsilanti, MI. Give us a call today at 734-369-6787 or request an appointment.


Maintenance service rarely solves a problem. However, regular maintenance can prevent many costly issues! Ask about our recommended Porsche Macan maintenance schedule.

Porsche Macan Common Problems

Listed below are the most frequent Porsche Macan problems seen at our Porsche repair shop in Ann Arbor, MI.

Oil Level High or Low Warning Message

Problem: Oil Level Low or High Warning Message

Porsche Macan has issues with the engine oil level sensor reporting incorrect oil levels.

Unfortunately, there is no oil level dipstick to confirm the oil level quickly. The oil level is measured electronically. There is no manual way to check if the oil level is low or high, or if the sensor is faulty.

Repair: Confirming the engine's amount of oil requires draining and measuring the volume of engine oil. If the amount of oil is correct, the oil level sensor needs replacement.

Tips: what to do if your Macan indicates a low oil level:

  • Engine should be at operating temperature.
  • We suggest adding oil ½ liter at a time. Do not add more than 1 quart at a time. The difference between the minimum and maximum oil level reading is approximately 1 quart.
  • Allow the sensor to remeasure the oil level after the oil is added. Oil level reading is not instant and requires driving the vehicle to reset the sensor. After adding oil, drive the vehicle for 5 to 10 minutes before rechecking the level.

Faulty Oil Pressure Monitoring

Problem: False Oil Pressure Warning Message

The oil pressure monitoring fault can appear randomly and often occurs at highway speeds.

Note: It is best not to ignore oil pressure warnings! Low oil pressure can cause severe engine damage. Oil pressure warnings should be investigated immediately. The important question is whether the warning is a genuine mechanical pressure fault that can do harm or an electrical problem.

Diagnosis: check the engine oil level, scan for computer error codes, measure oil pressure, test for electrical and wiring problems, and oil pressure sensor failure.

The oil pressure sensor and wiring to the sensor are located at the front of the engine and will commonly fail electrical testing. This problem can be frustratingly intermittent and the result of prolonged high heat generated by the engine. This is why the problem will commonly be experienced during extended highway driving in hot weather and not with city driving.

Another reason this problem is difficult to diagnose is that the problem does not set a specific computer error code that tells the repair technician where the problem occurred. It only sets a failure event with no details. Having a specialized Porsche computer scan tool allows our Porsche technicians to read failure events and correctly diagnose this problem.

Repair: Oil Pressure Warning Messages can range from oil pressure sensor replacement, electrical wiring repair, or even oil pump replacement.

Timing Case Cover Oil Leaks

Problem: Oil Leak from engine

Porsche Macan V6 suffers from timing case cover seal oil leaks.

Diagnosis: Macan engine oil leaks can originate at any of the many seals and gaskets on the engine, but oil leaks from the timing cover are common. Leaking oil always moves downward towards the oil pan and the rear of the engine. Since the timing cover seal replacement is a complex and expensive repair, it is important to identify the oil leak source correctly. The timing cover seal replacement is not simple and requires extensive Porsche repair knowledge and experience.

Repair: Porsche Macan timing cover seal replacement often requires engine removal. Please contact us for more information.

No Start - Fuel Pump Failure - Random Multiple Misfire

Problem: No Start, Start and stall, Check Engine Light, Random Multiple Misfires

The Porsche Macan direct injection (DFI) engine uses two fuel pumps, an electric-powered low-pressure in-tank fuel pump and a mechanical high-pressure fuel pump driven by the engine.

Diagnosis: Finding out which fuel pump has failed requires careful and accurate diagnostics. Our skilled Porsche technicians have the training and experience can accurately diagnose this for you.

A failing fuel pump will cause low fuel pressure, which causes random engine multiple misfires and a loss of power under acceleration. The low fuel pressure condition and misfire will set a check engine light condition on your dashboard and fault codes which help diagnose the problem. As the problem gets worse, the vehicle will not start.

Repair: Diagnosis; Porsche Macan low-pressure in-tank fuel pump replacement; Porsche Macan high-pressure fuel pump replacement.

Tip: The in-tank fuel pump will last longer if the fuel level is not run low. The fuel acts as a coolant for the pump. Running the fuel level low causes greater wear on the fuel pump. Stop-and-go city driving can worsen this problem when heat from the pavement heats the fuel in the tank.

Clunking Sound on Acceleration - Drive Shaft Support Bearing Failure

Problem: Clunking or Banging Under the Center of the Car Under Acceleration

Porsche driveshaft support bearing problem. Both the Porsche Cayenne and the Macan experience failure of the driveshaft center support bearing. When the center support bearing fails, the shaft wobbles vibrates and thumps during acceleration.

Repair: There are two ways to repair this common problem. One uses a Porsche-made replacement driveshaft. The Porsche bearing is weak and has not been improved. It will fail again.

We recommend an aftermarket center support bearing replacement kit that will be a permanent fix. And as a bonus, the aftermarket kit does not require the driveshaft to be removed from the vehicle, saving you money on the repair.

Porsche Cayenne Common Problems

Cayenne / Macan Coolant Thermostat Failure

Problem: engine takes longer to warm up. Decreased passenger compartment heater output. Check-engine-light on.

Cause: Thermostat failure is the most common cause. All Porsche engines use a computer-controlled thermostat prone to failure in the open position. This causes a slow engine warm-up and can keep the engine from reaching the correct operating temperature. Usually, a failed engine thermostat will cause a check engine light.

Diagnosis: Computer error code check and analysis. Coolant temperature measurement. Check heater output.

Repair: Porsche Cayenne thermostat replacement Porsche Macan.

Cayenne Coolant Leaks at Front & Rear Engine

Problem: Loss of Coolant, Flashing Coolant Light

Porsche Cayenne has engine coolant pipe connectors glued into aluminum housings on the engine. When the glue seal fails, the connection leaks. Two connections will leak, the upper front coolant pipe at the front of the engine and one at the rear of the engine. The replacement housings are updated with a threaded insert for the rubber hose to connect to.

Front Engine Coolant Leak

The coolant leak at the front of the engine is a relatively easy fix. The housing is replaced with the updated part, so the problem will not return.

Rear Engine Coolant Leak

The coolant leak at the rear of the engine is much more complicated to repair. The rear coolant hose housing that distributes the coolant to both cylinder heads is located between the engine and firewall. This housing will need to be replaced and is very difficult to access. This will require removing the engine from the vehicle and is a costly repair.

Diagnosis: A low coolant warning light and a puddle of coolant in the middle of the vehicle, under the engine, either near the front or just behind the front tires, will tell you that you have this problem. A visual inspection will usually confirm this problem.

Porsche Cayenne Coolant Leaks

Problem: Coolant Leaks, Engine Steaming, Engine Overheating

Porsche Cayenne has three common cooling system problems: Coolant Pipe leaks, Water Pump failure leaks, and Coolant Thermostat failures.

Plastic Cooling Tube Failure

Cayenne coolant pipe failure happens suddenly without warning and produces large amounts of steam. The cooling pipes are plastic and can’t withstand the hot environment close to the engine. They degrade and then burst.

Repair: install an updated parts kit with metal pipes which permanently fixes this problem. Porsche Cayenne cooling pipe replacement is an extensive repair that requires the removal of the intake manifold.
Water Pump Failure

Problem: Porsche Cayenne water pumps are failure prone. The water pump bearings wear, and the shaft wobbles causing the shaft seal to fail, causing a coolant leak. Some Porsche owners detect increased water-pump bearing noise.

Water pumps often fail because coolant replacement service is not done. The coolant is a lubricant for the water pump seal. When the seal wears out, coolant gets into the water pump bearings, which causes the water pump bearings to fail.

Repair: Porsche Cayenne water pump replacement. NOTE: A coolant flush and replacement are highly recommended and required for repair warranty. Also, the accessory drive belts may need to be replaced if they have been contaminated by the leaking coolant.
Thermostat Failure

Problem: The Porsche Cayenne coolant thermostat is electronically controlled and reports a check engine light error code if it fails. A failed thermostat that is stuck open position will cause the engine to run cold, but will not damage the engine in the short term. If the thermostat fails in the closed position, it will cause the engine to overheat and damage the engine.

NOTE: Engine overheating can result in cracked cylinder liners, damaged cylinder heads, or total engine failure. If the engine has overheated, replacing the water pump is also recommended.

Porsche Cayenne V8 Power Loss & Check Engine Light

Problem: Loss of engine power and Check Engine Light

The Porsche Cayenne V8 engine computer will report Check Engine Light error codes for incorrect valve lift.

Cause: There can be two reasons for this problem, Valve Lift Solenoid Failure and Front O2 Oxygen Sensor failure.

Valve Lift Solenoid Failure

The Valve Lift Solenoid controls oil flow to the camshafts and regulates the valve lift. The computer will record an error code with an inconsistent or incorrect valve lift.

Front O2 Oxygen Sensor

Valve lift is determined by the front O2 sensor. Under acceleration, the front O2 sensor sees an increase in exhaust gas flow within a specified range. A malfunctioning front O2 sensor will not react to and keep the valve lift matched to the exhaust gas flow change. The engine management system will detect this problem and set a valve lift error code.

Repair: Valve Lift Solenoid replacement. Front O2 sensor replacement.

Check Engine Light On With Engine Misfire

Symptoms: Check engine light, Loss of Power, Acceleration Misfire

Diagnosis: Computer error code scan will confirm misfiring, but not why.

Cause: Faulty Ignition Coil, Worn Spark Plugs, Low Cylinder Compression

Faulty Ignition Coil

Problem: faulty Porsche Cayenne ignition coils cause an engine misfire, set a misfire error code, and turn the check engine light on. Failed ignition coil will cause rough running and shake, especially at idle, and decrease power.

Ignition coils can also become weak, which causes a weak spark resulting in a misfire under acceleration. Resetting the check engine light error code will cause the engine to run smoothly at idle, but as soon as the vehicle is driven, the error code will be triggered again.

The Porsche Cayenne V8 ignition coils are a common problem. It is strongly recommended to replace all ignition coils at the same time.

Repair: ignition coil replacement

Worn Spark Plugs

Problem: Engine misfire caused by bad spark plugs.

Worn spark plugs typically produce a loss of power, eventually set misfire error codes, and cause a check engine light.

Factory spark plug replacement interval can be too long for some conditions and vehicle use behavior.

Diagnosis: To if the problem is a bad spark plug or bad ignition coil is to swap the ignition coil from the misfiring cylinder with a coil from a known good cylinder. If the misfire remains on the original cylinder, the spark plug is most likely the problem.

Repair: Porsche Cayenne spark plug replacement.

Low Cylinder Pressure

Problem: Engine misfire caused by low cylinder compression pressure.

An engine mechanical problem can also cause a misfire. The problem can be a worn-out engine if the vehicle has high mileage, a failed intake valve lifter, or in some cases, the valve keepers will fail, and the valve hits the piston causing serious damage to the engine.

Diagnosis: Checking the spark plug and ignition coil is the first step. Next, a cylinder compression test is performed.

Repair: ranges from a valve lifter replacement to a complete engine replacement.

Porsche Boxer / Porsche 911 Problems

986/996 Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Bearing Failure

Problem: M96 IMS bearing failure

1997-2005 Porsche Boxer and Porsche 911 with M96 engines have a known failure of the Intermediate Shaft Bearing. This engine design problem can cause serious engine damage if not repaired before outright bearing failure happens.

Diagnosis: Unfortunately waiting until the IMS bearing fails will result in engine damage requiring engine overhaul or complete engine replacement!

Repair: IMS bearing replacement with upgraded replacement parts to give durability and Peace of Mind. The recommended service replacement of the upgraded bearing is every 75,000 miles or six years.

(see our blog article about Porsche IMS bearing replacement)

911 Vacuum Switchover Valve Failure

Problem: cooling system failure warning or sports exhaust always on.

Cause: Several vacuum switchover valves control functions from coolant flow to sport exhaust flaps. When these valves fail, they cause a vacuum leak in the control system, affecting all the vacuum-controlled functions.

Repair: diagnosis to confirm problem; Vacuum switchover valve replacement. Note: when one vacuum switchover valve fails, we recommend replacing all of them with updated and improved parts.