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Check Engine Light Repair in Ann Arbor MI

Your car just died. No warning. Just a few strange noises. A couple seconds of rough running. Check Engine Light suddenly comes on. And then the engine quits. You're sitting at a stop light. Horns start blowing. What do you do?

Stadium Auto Service has the training, experience, and equipment to correctly diagnose and perform Check Engine light repair in Ann Arbor, MI or Service Engine Soon light reset in Ann Arbor, MI.

We specialize in Check Engine Light problems, Check Engine Light fixes, fix Check Engine Light on, and repair Check Engine light problem.

Our Ann Arbor, MI certified auto repair technicians have the latest, most sophisticated diagnostic check engine light scan tools available. We spend thousands of dollars every year on updating our test equipment and training so they can quickly and correctly solve your Check Engine light problems.

Check engine light repair in Ann Arbor MI service engine soon warning

All modern vehicles have at least one computer that controls and monitors the operation of your vehicle. When a malfunction is detected, the Check Engine light will alert you to a problem. In some cases, the check engine light may flash on and then go off by itself. In other cases, the Check Engine light may remain on and warn you that you need to have your vehicle inspected by a qualified auto repair technician.

Not every automotive problem gives you obvious signals like hard starting, rough running, stalling, or odd noises. The Check Engine light is often an indicator of minor problems before they become major (expensive) problems. It is very important not to ignore the Check Engine warning light!

Don't ignore Service Engine Soon light repair near Ann Arbor, MI. Servicing your vehicle now can prevent serious problems that result from ignoring Check Engine light diagnosis.

Stadium Auto Service can quickly assess whether your check engine light a simple thing like a loose fuel fill cap or something requiring further investigation. The simplest thing to do is to bring your vehicle to our shop and let us diagnose your Check Engine Light in Ann Arbor, MI.

Is your check engine light on? Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Check engine light repair Ann Arbor MI service engine soon

Stadium Auto Service performs all types of vehicle warning light repair in Ann Arbor, MI area:

  • ABS warning light repair
  • Air Bag warning light repair
  • ASR warning light repair
  • BAS warning light repair
  • ESP warning light repair
  • SES warning light repair
  • SRS warning light repair
  • TCS warning light repair
  • VSC warning light repair
  • Traction Control warning light repair
  • Service 4WD warning light repair
  • Vehicle Stability Control warning light repair

Some of the vehicles we perform check engine warning light repairs on:

  • Audi check engine light repair
  • BMW check engine light repair
  • Mercedes-Benz BAS ESP ABS warning light repair
  • MINI Cooper check engine light repair
  • Volkswagen check engine light repair

How The Check Engine Light Works

Your vehicle's computer constantly monitors a large number of sensor readings that measure the operating conditions of your vehicle. If the computer detects a problem it will switch on the check engine light to warn the driver the vehicle needs to be inspected and the problem diagnosed and repaired.

When a sensor reading is out of the normal operating range the computer records a trouble code. If the problem is serious the light is immediately switched on. If the problem is temporary, or intermittent, the computer will record the error code and wait for the problem to happen again. If the problem reoccurs the check engine light will be switched on and stay on until it is checked and reset by an auto repair technician.

Don't Ignore your "Service Engine Soon" Light

Your Service Engine Soon light primarily monitors vehicle emissions so there is no need to panic. Unlike the Overheat, engine oil level, or Charging System red warning lights that require an immediate shutdown of the engine, the Service Engine Soon light service is advisory.

The Service Engine Soon light is yellow or orange which signals caution. Even though the Service Engine Soon light doesn't indicate a serious problem your vehicle is calling out for help. Often your car is not only polluting, it is performing poorly.

If you need help repairing Service Engine Soon light in Ann Arbor, MI Stadium Auto Service has the correct diagnostic equipment and the trained technicians to identify the source of and fix Service Engine Soon light problems.

Check Engine Light Repair

Why does the problem need to be “diagnosed”. Doesn't the computer tell you what is wrong?

Some people think the trouble code stored by the vehicle computer will tell the auto repair technician exactly what is wrong. Unfortunately diagnosis and trouble shooting is usually just not that simple. The trouble code will tell the mechanic what sensor reading is out of normal, but it can't tell the technician why it is out of parameters. Trouble codes provide a place to begin problem diagnosis and help narrow down the possible causes of a check engine light.

Some problems are very simple and easy to identify. Others are very complex with many different causes. The technician must use special diagnostic equipment and a time consuming series of problem solving steps to find the correct cause. Finding the source of the problem is a combination of training, experience, and the right tools.

Example: Let's say you feel terrible (your body's Check Engine Light). You get a thermometer (heat sensor), put it under your tongue, and find you have a fever of 104 degrees. You now know you have a fever, but you don't know what is causing it. It could be a sinus infection, appendicitis, or just the flu. Only a skilled person, your doctor, can correctly diagnose the problem. The doctor will use knowledge, tools, and experience to tell you what is causing your fever and offer a solution.

How Do You Find The Right Solution? Leave It To The Pros

Anyone can scan a vehicle for trouble codes but only a certified, experienced auto repair technician can correctly diagnose the problem and repair it correctly.

Stadium Auto Service Ann Arbor, MI will diagnose check engine light problems accurately and provide the best check engine light repair for your budget.

Complete Computerized Engine Analysis

Why a complete computerized engine analysis is worth every penny

The computers in modern vehicles operate and monitor almost every system in the vehicle: air conditioning, radio, airbags, alarm, anti-lock braking, traction control, ride control, cruise control, instrument panels, transmissions, and most importantly the emission and engine controls. There are a wide range of warning lights to inform the driver if there is a problem.

Today too many shops have tried to rely on the vehicle self-diagnostic system. Instead of using proper troubleshooting procedures some people trying to repair check engine light problems, mostly do-it-yourself mechanics or less skilled auto repair technicians, resort to trial and error parts swapping when they don’t know how to fix a warning light problem.

Diagnosis and repair of these complex electronic systems requires extensive training, experience, and expensive equipment to perform Check Engine light service in Ann Arbor, MI correctly and economically.

It is important to choose a shop that has experienced ASE Certified Technicians, the latest computerized diagnostic equipment. Diagnosing modern vehicles without the proper training and diagnostic equipment can result in misdiagnosis costing you hundreds, even thousands of dollars of unnecessary repairs.

The major auto part manufacturers have reported that as high as 80% of all vehicle computers returned for repair were found to NOT be defective! For this reason, a proper check engine light analysis can save you money by correctly diagnosing your vehicle’s problems the first time!

Top Ten Reasons for Check Engine Light

The check engine light is a warning light for all electrical systems in your vehicle.

A Check Engine Light is turned on when the engine control computer detects a fault in any of the computer controlled vehicle systems. One or more diagnostic codes will be stored in the engine computer and are just one piece of information our check engine light repair technicians will use to diagnose your problem.

When the Check Engine Light comes on, you may experience engine performance issues such as poor acceleration, rough idling, or an engine that won't start. In some cases, no symptoms will be experienced. Whether you experience performance problems or not, a flashing Check Engine Light indicates that an problem has occurred. If you continue to drive the vehicle, you may damage engine or emissions components. Determining the exact cause your check engine light is on can be very difficult.

Top 10 Check Engine Light Causes

Here are the top 10 reasons for check engine light on problems:

  1. Loose Gas Cap

    Fuel vapors leak from a loose gas cap and the emissions system will detect the leak and cause a check engine warning light.

  2. Faulty Oxygen Sensor

    The oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust to tell the engine computer how much fuel to inject into the engine. An oxygen sensor replacement will often solve poor fuel mileage and poor engine power problem.

  3. Faulty Catalytic Converter

    Catalytic Converter failure is usually caused by engine oil burning, ignition problems, or fuel system problems. These problems must be repaired before the Catalytic Converter replacement.

  4. Faulty Ignition Coil

    Ignition coil failure usually results from age and normal wear. High under hood operating temperatures from engine overheating can also cause ignition coil failure.

  5. Bad Spark Plug

    A misfiring spark plug can cause unburnt fuel which triggers a check engine light. Fouled spark plug can also cause Catalytic Converter failure. Spark plug replacement is usually required if you have an Ignition Coil Replacement.

  6. Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

    The Mass Airflow Sensor measures the incoming air flow to the engine allowing the computer to inject the correct amount of fuel. Bad mass airflow sensor replacement can greatly improve fuel economy.

  7. EVAP System Hose Leaks

    Leaking EVAP system vacuum hoses are an emission system problem and trigger the check engine light.

  8. Faulty EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve

    The EGR valve helps lower vehicle emissions. A bad EGR valve can cause rough idle, hesitation on acceleration, and engine overheating. Please contact us for EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve replacement cost.

  9. Charging System Problems

    A faulty alternator or weak battery can cause a check engine light. Your vehicle requires a stable electrical system voltage to function. We can quickly test your battery, do a charging system test, or provide an alternator replacement cost estimate.

  10. Transmission Problems

    Automotive transmissions are computer controlled and will trigger a Check Engine Light. Transmission repairs start with a check engine light diagnosis to pin point the transmission problem.

Bottom Line

Keeping your vehicle on the road for the most affordable price is our top priority. Our number one goal is to provide you with high quality, total auto service in Ann Arbor, MI. Stadium Auto Service works hard to provide the best value auto repair. Many auto repair shops talk about good service, but at Stadium Auto Service we are committed to it!

We strive to surpass your expectations and maintain our great reputation.