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BMW Auto Service Specialist In Ann Arbor MI

Stadium Auto Service is your Ann Arbor MI BMW auto repair specialist. Our ASE Master certified auto repair technicians have the training, knowledge, and experience to repair and service BMW. Our Bimmer auto mechanic performs all repairs and services from BMW Inspection 1 service, BMW Inspection 2 service, BMW brake repair, and BMW check engine light repair.

Repair and Service of all BMW Models

BMW 1 Series: E87, F20, F40
BMW 2 Series: F22, F44, F45, F46, G42, U06
BMW 3 Series: E46, E90, F30, G20
BMW 4 Series: F32, G22
BMW 5 Series: E39, E60, F10, G30
BMW 6 Series: E63, F12, G32
BMW 7 Series: E38, E65, F01, G11
BMW 8 Series: G15

BMW Z Series: Z3, E85, E89, G29, Z8

BMW i3: I01
BMW i4: G26
BMW i8: I12

BMW X1: E84, F48
BMW X2: F39
BMW X3: E83, F25, G01
BMW X4: F26, G02
BMW X5: E53, E70, F15, G05
BMW X6: E71, E72, F16, G06
BMW X7: G07
BMW iX3: G08
BMW iX: I20

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Trust your BMW auto repair to the BMW specialists at Stadium Auto Service in Ann Arbor, MI. We follow BMW factory scheduled Maintenance Services that protect your new car warranty.

Our certified technicians know BMW inside and out. We use the latest diagnostic tools, service and repair techniques to keep your Bimmer performing in peak condition.

Our extensive experience with BMW service and complete collection of BMW tools and diagnostic equipment ensures high quality work and complete customer satisfaction.

Bosch Approved Service Repair Facility

Bosch service center in Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Stadium Auto Service is a Bosch Approved Service Repair Facility in Ann Arbor MI.

The Bosch Service system is a collection of the top independent auto repair centers around the globe. Bosch Car Service is one of the largest independent auto repair shop chains in the world, with more than 16,500 workshops in over 150 countries.

All Bosch Service centers must pass a rigorous evaluation to be accepted to the program, and are frequently inspected to make sure the high Bosch standards are being maintained. These inspections ensure that customers will receive reliable maintenance and repair, with exemplary customer service, whenever they visit a Bosch Service center.

Bosch approved auto service centers are required to have the best tools and technical information, and all technicians must be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). In consideration of all that Bosch requires of its approved auto repair shops, you can rest assured that your auto repair experience will be the utmost in quality and service.

BMW service warranty Ann Arbor MI

Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975

Federal Law Prohibits any BMW auto dealer from implying or denying routine warranty service because scheduled routine maintenance was performed at an independent facility. Title 15 Chapter 50 sections 2301-2312 US Federal Code

Having Stadium Auto Service work on your vehicle in NO way limits or restricts your BMW warranty. All that is important is that you service your BMW. By law, having your vehicle serviced by the BMW dealer is not required.

Common BMW Problems

BMW Cheap Oil Changes

Problem: cheap oil change service for your BMW may cost you your engine. Below is photo of poor quality oil filter, commonly used at fast lube oil change places, that is disintegrating and collapsing. This can cause oil starvation, engine bearing damage, and total engine failure. The small amount you save on discount oil service is not good value when you have to replace the motor!

Solution: There are three steps in getting maximum life from your BMW:

  1. Use quality oil;
  2. Use quality oil filter;
  3. Do regular (frequent) oil service. BMW need regular oil changes! And quality parts...

BMW cheap oil change service in Ann Arbor, MI

BMW oil filter failure - Don't use cheap oil filters! And change the engine oil regularly.


BMW Air Conditioning Noise or Vibration

Problem: Noise and or vibration due to AC system low refrigerant. A droning noise when the air conditioning system is operating. A vibration may be felt in the steering wheel. If these symptoms are no longer present when the AC system is turned off the problem may be low refrigerant charge in the AC system.
Repair: An AC system refrigerant leak test should be performed before a refrigerant recharge.

BMW Brake fluid Contamination

Problem: Brake fluid can become contaminated with moisture from high humidity. Causes problems and failure of brake system components.
Repair: Flush brake fluid every 60,000 miles or 2 years.

BMW Heater/AC Blower Fan Not Working

Problem: Heater AC blower final stage fan resistor fails. Heater fan speed varies regardless of setting, fan will not turn off when the car is switched off, or the fan will not switch on at all.
Repair: Heater AC blower fan resistor replacement.

BMW Transmission Problems

Inspect transmission fluid every 30,000 miles

You may prevent transmission problems by servicing the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. If the fluid is dark or burned then the transmission system should be completely flushed. This is good advice for any BMW model or year.

BMW Transmission Leak

Problem: Rubber Transmission Cooler Line Fluid Leak.
Repair: The rubber section of automatic transmission cooler line may develop a fluid leak. In some cases the leaking section of hose can be replaced. Some models require complete cooler line replacement.

BMW Torque Converter Clutch Sticking On Problem

Torque Converter Clutch Can Stick After Extended Freeway Driving

Torque converter clutch can stick "on" after extended freeway driving causing the engine to stall when coming to a stop. The engine usually will restart when placed in park and stall again when put into gear. After allowing the engine and transmission to cool for twenty minutes the engine will start and the transmission will operate normally. Repair requires replacement of the torque converter clutch solenoid, transmission filter, and transmission fluid.

BMW Rear Window Regulator Problem

Side door window regulator may fail causing the window to stop working. In some cases the window falls inside the door. Repair requires window regulator replacement. BMW years with this problem: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.

BMW Power Window Motor Failure Problem

Power Window Motors Fail From Overheating

Door window may move slowly or stop in mid travel due to a failing power window motor. Affected window may start working again after the motor cools off. Repair requires window motor replacement.

BMW Coolant Loss Problem

Coolant Loss Due to Leak from Expansion Tank

Engine coolant leak from the expansion tank can cause engine overheating which can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat we recommend stopping at the first available safe location and have your vehicle towed to Stadium Auto Service. Repair requires coolant expansion tank. The entire cooling system should also be inspected. It is common to find additional cooling system components that have failed or are leaking.

BMW Front Suspension Groaning Noise Problem

Groaning noise from BMW front suspension

A groaning noise from the front suspension when driving over speed bumps or pot holes. Repair requires sway bar bushing replacement with revised or improved bushings. BMW years with this problem: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

BMW Outside Mirror Problem

Outside Mirror May Fold Out To Far

BMW power folding mirrors may fold out past the standard position. Repair involves a special procedure so the system can "relearn" the correct mirror home position. BMW years affected by this problem: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

BMW Check Engine Light Problem

Check Engine Light with Code P30FF and Rattle from Engine

BMW turbo charged engines suffer from turbocharger waste gate problems which become progressively worse. This turbocharger waste gate problem results in a significant decrease in engine power and decreased fuel economy. The BMW waste gate rattle or turbo rattle results from excessive movement between the waste gate valve and the waste gate valve seat. This problem gradually worsens with the following symptoms:

  • Rattling at cold start
  • Rattling upon deceleration
  • Loss of power
  • Check Engine Light Illumination
  • Manufacturer Specific OBD trouble code P30FF
  • Very poor engine performance
  • Fuel mileage decrease

In some cases adjustment of the waste gate actuator can solve the issue, but often the problem will return. If actuator adjustment does not correct the issue, the turbocharger waste gate must be rebuilt, or the turbocharger assembly replaced. BMW years affected: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

BMW Front Outer CV Boots Failure

Front Outer CV Boots May Tear and Leak

The front outer half-shaft boots tend to tear and leak grease. Repair usually requires replacement of the CV boot. However, if the boot is not replaced soon enough the axle shaft assembly may need replacement. BMW Vehicles affected by this Problem: all years and models. Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission drive trains affected.

BMW Oil leaks from engine area

Problem: Valve cover gasket leak. Oil drips under the vehicle and burning oil smell from the engine compartment are common signs of this problem. BMW years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.
Repair: Valve cover gasket replacement.

BMW Intake Manifold Gasket leak

Intake Manifold Gaskets May Leak Coolant or Engine Oil

The intake manifold gasket may develop external engine oil or coolant leak. In some cases an internal coolant leak may occur causing coolant to mix with the engine oil. Operating the engine with a coolant/oil mix can result in serious engine damage. Repair requires replacing the intake manifold gasket.

BMW Contamination Of Extended Life Engine Coolant

BMW Extended life coolant may become contaminated and require cooling system service before the recommended 100,000 miles. This is a case where it is not wise to follow the factory maintenance guide.
We recommend engine coolant replacement every two years to prevent premature BMW radiator replacement, BMW water pump replacement, BMW heater core replacement, BMW coolant hose replacement.

BMW Tie Rod Problem

Wear In Outer Tie Rod Ends Can Cause BMW Steering Problems

The outer tie rod ends on BMW steering linkage may wear causing excessive free play in the steering and uneven tire wear. Repair requires worn BMW tie rod end replacement. BMW wheel alignment should be checked and adjusted as necessary.

BMW Front Control Arm Bracket Bushings Fail

Problem: Clunk noise or jolt felt in the steering when braking. Caused by wear of front control arm bracket bushings, often called thrust rod bushings.
Repair: front control arm bracket bushing replacement and wheel alignment.

BMW Premature Strut Wear Problem

BMW Strut Replacement

Problem: The front struts may show signs of wear, or be excessively bouncy ride at freeway speeds. This may begin to occur at around 75,000 miles.
Repair: Front strut replacement and wheel alignment.

BMW Steering Rack Failure

Problem: BMW steering hard to turn.

Repair: steering inspection to confirm problem with steering rack, steering rack replacement, flush of power steering hydraulic system, power steering fluid replacement.

BMW Multiple Power Steering Hose Leak

Problem: Power steering fluid leak from one or more power steering hose. When a leak is being repaired, it is not uncommon for multiple hoses to be replaced.
Repair: Power Steering Hose Replacement, Power steering fluid flush, Power steering fluid replacement.

BMW Water Pump Leak

Problem: Low coolant light may illuminate and / or the engine may overheat as a result of a coolant leak from the water pump.
Note: Engine overheat can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat we strongly recommended to stop as soon as safely possible and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.
Repair: Leaking coolant pump replacement. The entire cooling system should be inspected for leaks as it is not uncommon to find multiple leaks on higher mileage vehicles.

BMW Check Engine Light due to Engine Overheat

Problem: BMW thermostat failure resulting in engine overheat and/or Check Engine Light on.
Note: Engine overheat can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat we strongly recommended to stop as soon as safely possible and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.
Repair: Thermostat replacement and complete inspection of the cooling system.

BMW Radiator Coolant Leak

Problem: BMW radiator develops a coolant leak.
Note: Engine overheat can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat we strongly recommended to stop as soon as safely possible and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.
Repair: Requires leaking radiator replacement. When a leaking radiator is replaced the entire cooling system should be inspected and complete engine coolant replacement.

BMW Ignition Coil Problem

Problem: BMW engine misfire due to corrosion at BMW ignition coil tower

Corrosion develops at the connection between ignition coil tower and spark plug wire resulting in an engine misfire. Repair requires replacement of Ignition coil and spark plug wire.

BMW Oil Leak

Problem: BMW Oil Pump Drive O-ring Leaks Oil From Rear of Engine. Commonly caused by a failed oil pump drive seal.
Repair: requires BMW oil pump seal o-ring replacement.

BMW Check Engine Light On Due To Valvetronic System Fault

Problem: Check Engine Light on due to a Valvetronic system fault code stored in the DME Powertrain control module.
Repair: Software upgrade for the DME Powertrain control module.


Stadium Auto Service specializes in Ann Arbor MI German auto repair and German auto service in Ann Arbor MI.

NOTE: This company or website is in no way associated with or represents BMW of North America, LLC.