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1999 Porsche 911 M96 Rear Crankshaft Oil Leak & IMS Bearing Failure

This vehicle was brought to Stadium Auto Service Porsche specialists with an engine oil leak. Our technician who specializes in repair and service of Porsche vehicles suspected the engine's Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Bearing was starting to fail. This is a common problem for this year and model of Porsche.


Porsche M96 IMS bearing failure and rear main crankshaft seal oil leak.

2006 BMW 330i Water Pump Replacement

2006 BMW 330i over-heating problem & water pump replacement. The customer reported that the vehicle was overheating and leaking coolant. The customer added coolant, drove the vehicle to the shop, and requested a cooling system pressure test and inspection for a coolant leak. The customer also said the vehicle had a recent water pump replacement and heater core flush at another auto repair shop.


2019 Porsche 911 3.0L engine air filter replacement

2019 Porsche 911 3.0L Scheduled maintenance and engine air filter replacement.

Porsche maintenance schedule states to replace the engine air filter every 40k miles or four years. Air filter has a large impact on engine performance.

Procedure / Action: The engine air filter housing is located under the rear bumper. To access the filter the spoiler and the bumper must be removed.

Announcing Abbott Street Auto Service

Announcing the opening of our fourth auto repair shop, Abbott Street Auto Service in Ann Arbor, MI.

Abbott Street Auto Service is located across the street from Westgate Shopping Center, and minutes away from the University of Michigan Campus. Their ASE certified technicians provide both Asian import auto service in Ann Arbor, MI, and domestic auto service.

Put Aside Time for Your Timing Belt

Unlike your brakes or suspension system, there are no warning signs that your timing belt is wearing down or damage. That’s why it’s imperative to have a qualified technician examine your German European car’s timing belt on a routine basis. Don’t wait until it's too late, and you are faced with a costly, possibly major engine damage. The timing belt is crucial to the overall operation of your engine for two reasons:

New Year’s Resolution is Preventative Maintenance

2018 is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what this New Year holds. We are already deciding on our New Year’s resolutions, and the one at the top of our list is preventative auto maintenance? Why? Your German car is one of your biggest investments, second to only your home, and the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” most certainly does not apply to your vehicle. That’s why we think preventative maintenance should be one of your resolutions.