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German Auto Timing Belt Replacement in Ann Arbor MI

Stadium Auto Service is your German auto timing belt replacement shop in Ann Arbor MI. Our ASE certified auto repair technicians have the training, experience, and equipment to correctly do timing belt change in Ann Arbor MI on German autos.

How much does Timing Belt Replacement cost?

We specialize in German auto timing belt replacement in Ann Arbor MI so we can provide the best timing belt replacement price.

When you compare German auto timing belt replacement price in Ann Arbor MI make sure the quote includes ALL required parts. Most manufacturers recommend replacing timing belt tensioner roller, timing belt idler roller, and water pump at the same time to save on future repair costs. Some vehicle manufacturers also recommend the timing belt pulleys be replaced at same time as the timing belt. It is best practice to replace the thermostat and accessory or serpentine drive belt on many vehicles.

What is a Timing Belt?

The timing belt is a toothed rubber belt that turns the camshaft which opens and closes the engine valves. Timing belts have replaced the metal timing chain which was commonly used in the past. The advantage is a quieter engine and lower manufacturing cost. Timing belts are also much cheaper to replace than a timing chain.

Timing belt replacement cost in Ann Arbor MI

Timing belt replacement in Ann Arbor MI at Stadium Auto Service. Contact us for a timing belt replacement cost estimate.

When To Replace Your Timing Belt

There is no visual timing belt inspection required. Timing belts have a scheduled replacement life specified by your vehicle manufacturer (check your vehicle user manual). Recommended timing belt replacement interval is usually 60,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the vehicle and engine. Just contact us and we will look it up for you.

How Important is Timing Belt Replacement?

Timing belts become worn over time, cracking, de-laminating, and eventually breaking if neglected. Distance driven, vehicle age, and oil contamination all contribute to timing belt breakdown. If your engine has timing belt noise don't ignore it!

Timing belt replacement is a critical service requirement. There is no way to measure or judge the remaining life of a timing belt. If the belt breaks the engine will not run and usually results in serious engine damage. We strongly recommend a timing belt replacement according to your vehicle’s factory recommended maintenance schedule.

Avoid Timing Belt Failure

Don’t risk a roadside breakdown. There are no warning signs before a timing belt fails. When a timing belt breaks your vehicle will quit running immediately. Your only remedy is a tow truck and an unexpected repair bill for an engine replacement.

Do your wallet a favor and let our auto repair technicians replace your timing belt. We will confirm the recommended replacement interval and correctly install a new timing belt.

Common Timing Belt Problems

  • timing belt failure
  • worn timing belt pulley
  • timing belt tensioner bearing noise
  • oil contamination from oil leaks

What We Do

  • Remove accessories needed to gain access to engine timing cover.
  • Remove engine timing cover, inspect timing belt and pulleys for needed parts.
  • Inspect for oil and coolant leaks (Leaks must be repaired before the new timing belt is installed.).
  • Remove and replace timing belt, water pump, pulleys (if required), and belt tensioner.
  • Start engine and check for proper engine operation, check/adjust ignition timing (if required), and check for cooling system leaks.


  • It is strongly recommended to replace the timing belt tensioner and water pump when replacing a timing belt.
  • If the timing belt tensioner should fail after only replacing the belt, it can cause serious engine damage. The timing belt and tensioner should be replaced as a set.
  • For vehicles where the water pump is driven by the timing belt (true for 60% of vehicles), replacing the water pump at the time of the timing belt replacement is good value and can save you a significant future repair bill. Labor cost is usually the larger part of timing belt replacement cost. If the water pump fails before the next timing belt replacement is due you will have to pay the labor to remove the timing belt in order to replace the water pump.