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Tips for Learning How to Drive in the Snow Around Ann Arbor, Michigan

Driving in the snow may be foreign concept for you, especially if you are a new driver… or new to driving in the snow.  Stadium Auto Service can help you with your preparation, so you can think less about your driving and more about taking in the beautiful snow-covered scenery in Ann Arbor.

Stadium Auto Service has been operating since 1980. During those years, we have experienced many winters, so we have developed a list of tips and tricks for driving your European vehicle in frost and snow. First, practice as much as possible. Directions:

  • After a 2 inch snowfall is an excellent time to practice with an experienced driver, in a large, empty parking lot.
  • Drive around the parking lot and pay attention to how your vehicle responds in the snow. Each make and model of vehicle will handle snow a little differently.
  • Practice braking on the slick snow in a straight line and while turning.  Learn what to expect when driving on slick surfaces.
  • Slides or “fishtails” happen when your speed is faster than the conditions permit. However, if you get in that situation when your vehicle starts to skid, release your brakes. Gently turn your wheels into the direction the rear of your car is sliding, being careful not to turn too much. Over correcting can put you in an even worse position.  Thus the reason to practice to get the “feel” in a controlled environment.

All systems on your European car, from the battery to the windshield wipers, need to be fully functioning. Bring your car into Stadium Auto Service, and we will inspect your vehicle from bumper to bumper. We have over 30 years of experience servicing and repairing European makes and models, which makes us to the go-to auto repair shop for Ann Arbor residents.  We are located at 2405 W Stadium Blvd in Ann Arbor. To schedule an appointment, call us at (734) 369-6787.